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Extra Protection – Personal Umbrella Policy

You are driving back from an out-of-town wedding late at night. You purposely didn’t have any alcohol because you knew you had the long drive back home. As the miles slip by, so does your energy, but you only have 50 more miles to go. A few hours later, you wake up in the hospital read more

Homeowners Premiums are on the Rise

When a wave of major storms strikes Ohio, or anywhere in the United States for that matter, your carrier uses insurance premiums to pay claims to help customers, like you, recover. If they expect more storms, your rates increase. Ohio has been rocked with several devastating storms this past year, causing damage from hail to read more

Trees and Insurance

If a tree falls and hits your house, are you covered? The short answer is, yes. The coverage is quite straightforward: if a tree hits a home or other insured structure, such as a detached garage, standard homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for the damage the tree does to the structure and the contents in read more