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The Auto Insurance Minimums in Your State Probably Aren’t Enough

One thing you should avoid is being told that carrying only the state mandated minimum coverage is adequate auto insurance protection. In an auto accident, drivers can be legally liable for their passengers’ injuries. While most states have mandatory minimum limits of liability required of all drivers, many of these requirements may not be sufficient in covering read more

Leasing and Auto Insurance

Car leases were hard to arrange during the depths of the recession, but they have made a remarkable comeback. In 2009, about 10 percent of all new car sales were financed with leases. Today, according to Experian Automotive, leases comprise nearly 25 percent of the market. But the typical lease now is: Shorter. According to read more

Auto Insurance Policy Lapses

An auto insurance lapse, whether intentional or unintentional, automatically designates you as an illegal driver. Failing to provide proof of auto insurance when stopped by the law carries heavy penalties. Not only will you be fined, but you’ll also face the possibility of having your driver’s license and/or vehicle registration suspended. The penalties will be read more