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Why Jewelry May Not Be Covered in Your Home Policy

Perhaps you just got engaged and you’re wearing a brand new, expensive engagement ring. Maybe your husband bought you a gorgeous pearl necklace for your wedding anniversary, or you have an heirloom jewelry collection that belonged to your grandmother. Your jewelry may be the most expensive personal property you own. If these special and costly items read more

Pre-Season Tips for Boat or RV

Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to take your toys out of their winter storage areas. Check out this list with tips for a successful pre-season preparing your boat and/or RV for the summer. Remove covers and inspect the entire vehicle to ensure everything is in good working order. Take your boat to a read more

Do I Need Insurance for My Rental Car?

If you asked a panel of insurance experts this question, you would likely be met with the age-old insurance answer of “it depends.” More of what is at consideration here is the rental company’s offer of a damage waiver (DW) or collision damage waiver (CDW). Damage waiver is not insurance per se, but more the read more