Archive | June, 2014

What is an SR-22 Document, and Do You Need One?

As the result of certain traffic violations, you may be required to obtain an SR-22 document. Read on to find out what an SR-22 is, how much SR-22 insurance costs are, and how long you’ll need to have one. What is an SR-22? An SR-22 document is required to provide state mandated proof of auto read more

How to Avoid Contractor Fraud

Starting a new home improvement project? Read these helpful tips before you hire a contractor. Get a list of reputable contractors from your insurance company, the Better Business Bureau or a specialized consumer organization like Angie’s List. Contact multiple contractors, and obtain more than one estimate. Don’t allow a contractor to inspect your property if read more

Dogs and Insurance: The Bite is Worse Than the Bark

You don’t have to search far to find a story about the numerous dog bite incidents that happen in the country each year. While our cuddly companions are often considered a member of the family, they may not be as friendly to strangers. That said, our furry friends should be insured for the same reasons read more