Archive | December, 2014

Did You Put a Car in Storage for The Winter?

If you have or are planning to put a car in storage for the winter, what changes should you make to your insurance? It’s no longer necessary to have liability coverage on the vehicle. You’re not driving the car while it’s stored, so there is no chance you’ll get into an accident. Comprehensive coverage, however, read more

No Car? You May Need Non-Owner Car Insurance

Car ownership is declining, particularly among younger Americans. Many people, especially in urban areas, now prefer to use a car-sharing service or occasionally borrow or rent a car if they need to drive somewhere. The challenge is that drivers must always have car insurance coverage when they’re behind the wheel. For some drivers, a “non-owner read more

Winter Weighs Heavy on Unhealthy Trees

The sight of snow covered trees and dangling icicles can be pretty.  And dangerous! While many trees emerge seemingly unscathed from storms the seasons prior, that doesn’t mean they weren’t weakened. It’s always a good time for homeowners to perform an assessment of their trees’ health and have their trees evaluated by a certified arborist read more

DUI: Not the End of Auto Insurance Coverage But It’ll Cost You

It comes as no surprise that being cited for DUI and auto insurance are linked. If you have a DUI or OVI, it’s important to get a handle on your insurance options before you’re legally permitted back behind the wheel. Although regulations may vary by state and even by insurance company within a given state, read more