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What New Parents Should Know About Life Insurance

It hits you when you’re driving your new baby home for the first time: Another human being is going to be relying on you a lot for the next 20 years. Not just emotionally—financially, too. According to a 2014 press release by Limra, the insurance and financial services trade association, four in 10 people who bought life read more

Six Common Business Insurance Policies

Protecting your business from the unexpected could make the difference between long-term success and closing up shop. With an increasing number of insurance offerings available, small business owners should be sure to select coverage that matches their size, industry, region and other considerations. In addition to obtaining whatever forms of insurance are legally required at the state and read more

Tips to Protect Your Car From Road Salt

Salt that is spread on winter roads does more than eat away at ice — it eats at your vehicle too. Road salt works by lowering the freezing point of water. With the right concentration, road crews can drop the freezing point to less than zero degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, all that salt is corrosive to vehicles. Although most read more