Does Marriage Cut Your Car Insurance Rates?

Fall Wedding RingsThere can be a difference in car insurance rates depending upon your marital status. In general, a married couple will receive lower insurance rates than single individuals. This is if both married drivers have good driving records.

Insurance rates for married couples may be lowered by insurance companies under the theory that married people are typically more mature and responsible and are less likely to drive recklessly. Some insurance companies may give discounts or a reduction in rates based on lifestyle events that they believe signal greater maturity, such as getting married and having a baby. Thus, if you recently got married, this may give you a reduction in rate with some auto insurers.

The discount differs from company to company and state to state, but on average is about 10 percent.

Keep in mind that if two people are now placing both of their vehicles on one policy, they may also receive a discount for insuring multiple cars.

So a marriage car insurance discount or lowering of rates may be possible, but if one or both drivers in the married couple have poor driving records, then insurance rates could be higher than that of a single driver. If one portion of the married party has a good record and the other has a poor driving history, the one with the bad record can affect the rates of both. This is due to insurance companies rating on the highest risk driver.

Since a car insurance policy usually covers all licensed household members (meaning you, your spouse and anyone else with a valid license), if any of these people have a poor driving record, your insurance premiums can be affected.


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