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What All Single Parents Should Know About Life Insurance

There is no denying that it is difficult being a single parent. Though it can be highly rewarding, juggling work, child-rearing, bill-paying and other responsibilities can sometimes be overwhelming. If you are in such a position, know that you are far from alone. A recent report by the U.S. Census shows that as of 2008, read more

Who Needs Life Insurance?

If someone will suffer financially when you die, chances are you need life insurance because it provides cash to your family after your death. This cash, known as the death benefit, replaces your income and can help your family meet many important financial needs like funeral costs, daily living expenses and college funding. What’s more, read more

What New Parents Should Know About Life Insurance

It hits you when you’re driving your new baby home for the first time: Another human being is going to be relying on you a lot for the next 20 years. Not just emotionally—financially, too. According to a 2014 press release by Limra, the insurance and financial services trade association, four in 10 people who bought life read more

The Big Life Insurance Debate: Term vs. Perm

The internet is flooded with people giving advice about what kind of life insurance to buy. An often-heard refrain is, “Buy term and invest the difference.” Others say, “Why rent (term), when you can own (permanent)?” It just ends up being confusing because many people don’t really understand the difference between these two major types read more

Ten Questions to Help You Assess Changes to Your Insurance Needs

Family, Home, Career Status Should Be Reflected In Your Policy Coverage Our insurance needs change as circumstances in our lives change, which is why we recommend doing an annual insurance review. When you’re reviewing your insurance coverage, these ten questions can help you figure out whether you may need to talk to your insurance professional read more