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When Should My Kid Get His Own Car Insurance?

Have you ever wondered, “when should my kid get their own car insurance?” We’re asked this question often so we’ve provided a few of the common situations where you might decide it’s time for your kid to get their own policy. Of course, this varies family to family, so we advise you to talk to your read more

Home Sweet Home: Do I Need Renters Insurance?

It’s one of the most misunderstood insurance products on the market. If you live in an apartment or have a child renting an apartment at college, renters insurance is a must. Renters insurance protects you from losses caused by theft, natural disasters or a lawsuit. Yet many renters don’t have such insurance. Data from a read more

Renters Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

Many renters don’t carry insurance to protect against the destruction or loss of their personal possessions. While the majority of American homeowners are insured, the Insurance Information Institute conducted a survey that showed only about 30 percent of renters had renters insurance. This means nearly 70 percent of renters are without coverage should fires, thefts or other read more

Is Your Student Getting Ready for College? Think About Renters Insurance

Many high school graduates will stay home and go to college while others will choose to live on campus or rent their own apartment. Students living off-campus while away at college should strongly consider purchasing renters insurance. Regardless if the rental property is a home, condominium, or an apartment, the landlord’s insurance is solely for read more